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Apple picking in Milton

13 Places for Apple Picking in and around Milton

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Danielle L'Ami

As I write this, we are just finishing strawberry picking season. Since I am a gal who loves autumn, my mind is already thinking ahead to the apple picking season in and around Milton. That’s because apple picking includes more than just apples. It also includes a lot of autumn decorations and the changing of the leaves. 

Milton has a lot of apple-picking orchards and farms, as well as a few in the surrounding area. That’s why deciding which one you want to visit can be hard. But don’t worry. In this post, I’ll cover some tips and tricks about apples, which places you can pick your own, and which ones have pre-picked options. 

Ready to learn more? Let’s explore our list of 13 places for apple picking in and around Milton.

Apple Picking Tips and Tricks Including Storage, Use, and Consumption

Apple Picking Tips

Typically, apple picking begins mid to late August and runs through to October, known as the harvest season. This harvest season can fluctuate depending on the temperature and how quickly the apples ripen on their trees. 

When looking to pick your apples, they should be firm and free of bruising. The apples on the outer edges of the tree ripen first. If it is early in the season, August, start on the outer branches. If it is later in the season, for example, in October, aim for the inner branches. 

Never yank apples from their tree. Instead, lift the apple upwards with a sharp twist of the wrist. Then, carefully place the apples in your basket or bag to prevent bruising. Be sure to wash all apples before you take your first delicious, juicy bite. 

Apple Storage Tips

Before consumption and storage, soak your apples for 15 minutes in a solution of two cups of water and one teaspoon of baking soda. To get the most nutrients out of an apple, eat it with the skin on, as that is where most nutrients reside. 

After they are clean, depending on how quickly you intend to devour them, the best place to store them is in the fridge. However, if you are like me, you may not enjoy eating cold apples. You can keep them at room temperature but be prepared that they will soften more quickly this way. 

In the fridge, place them in a perforated plastic bag, like those you find when buying pre-picked apples, and in a crisper. If you have small children who seem to want to take a bite and then walk away, leaving the apple to brown, here are a couple of tips that may help. 

You can coat the cut surfaces with lemon juice; some will even argue using Sprite prevents the exposed surfaces from oxidizing and browning. Adding citrus will, however, give the apples a higher acidic taste (or sugar if you use Sprite), which some kids may not like. My solution is as follows. 

Apple Consumption Tips

If your children are like mine and prefer apple slices, you can slice the apples around the core. Then return the apple to its former shape and wrap an elastic band around it, holding it in place. This means no lemon juice and no browning until the elastic is removed. 

If you want to bake with your apples, aim to pick apples that aren’t already soft, such as the Macintosh variety. They do not hold up well in pies and are better used in making applesauce. Crispier apples, such as Ginger Gold, Golden Delicious, Gala, and Jersey Mac, to name a few, are great to add to salads. 

Now that you know how to pick, clean, store, and consume apples, let’s look at all the local places in and around Milton where you can get some delicious apples during the harvest season. 

13 Places to Pick Apples In and Around Milton

Andrews Scenic Acres

Otherwise known as Andrews Farm Market & Winery, this farm is a fantastic place to pick apples. They also have pre-picked in the store. Located in Milton, they allow picking throughout the harvest season. No reservations are required, but they charge admission, and anything you pick is added to this price. 

  • Daily: $15/person (+HST), ages 5+
  • Seniors: $7.50/person (+HST), ages 65+
  • Children under age 5: FREE entry
  • Personal Support Workers: FREE with clients 

It may be worth getting a season’s pass if you think you’ll return throughout the year. It’s $75 for a Single’s Pass, $90 for a Couple’s Pass, and $150 for a Family Pass. You may also want to consider staying to visit some of their animals, play on the playground, or go on a wagon ride. 

They have some delicious food, so it’s a nice place to visit and spend the day where you can grab a bite to eat at the BBQ. Dogs are welcome on leashes but are not to enter the fruit fields or playground. Although it’s fun to visit all year round, the fall is especially nice to visit and pick some apples. 


9528 Regional Rd 25, Milton, ON L9T 2X7

Chudleigh’s, also located in Milton, was first opened to the public in 1967. During the harvest season, they are proud to have visitors pick apples and explore and play on their farm. Currently, they require visitors to purchase their tickets online, so everyone has a 3-hour timed visit. 

Prices are as follows:

  • Adults are $12.00
  • Children (ages 4-13) are $10.00
  • Seniors (ages 65+) are $10.00
  • Infants and children (ages 0-3) are free

You can upgrade your single-day ticket to a season’s pass if you desire. Parking is free, and pets are welcome. Beyond picking apples, Chudleigh’s also offers play areas, farm animals, and a nature trail. And be sure to stop by their farm kitchen for some freshly baked treats. 

Wheelbarrow Orchard

Located in Milton, Wheelbarrow Orchard offers apple picking during the harvest season and is open 7 days a week, 10 am to 4 pm, and 9 am to 5 pm on holidays. Beyond apple picking, they also have a bakery where you can pick up some delicious fresh sweet cider and Fraser’s craft cider. 

They have a sign on the day you show up so that you know which apples are available to be picked. They require a minimum 1-bag purchase for entry which is $23.00. Admission for everyone else over 12 is $6.00 per person. 

They also have a corn field for walking and a sunflower patch where you can take beautiful pictures. If you choose not to pick your own, you may also purchase already-picked apples from their store; $20.00 for a 10 lb bag or $10.00 for a 5 lb bag. There is no fee for those who only want the store.

Williams’ Orchards

Another traditional, family-run apple picking farm in Milton, Williams’ Orchards, doesn’t have an admission fee, and parking is free. Just show up and pay for the apples you pick; no reservations are required. 

They accept all forms of payment, including cash, Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Interac, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

During the week, they only sell pre-picked, so if you want to pick your own, you must visit on the weekend. Williams’ Orchards are open 9-5. Be sure to add local honey and non-alcoholic cider to your list of what you get. Both are delicious. 

Springridge Farm

7256 Bell School Line, Milton, ON L9T 2Y1

Located in Milton, they are open daily, 9-5, including weekends and holidays. At the time of writing, their daily fun farmyard admission is $12.00 +HST weekends and holidays and $9.00 +HST weekdays. There is no cost to visit their bakery, Barn Market, or gift shop. They are not a pick your own farm but are great for getting some delicious, crisp apples and plenty of apple-baked treats. 

Bousfield’s Apples and Cider

5408 Derry Rd W, Milton, ON L9T 2X6

Bousfield’s Apples and Cider are a regular Milton Farmer’s Market vendor. Still, they also have a delightful on-site store. They are not a pick your own farm, but the apples and cider come from their organic crops. They are local to Milton.

Applevale Orchards

Located just outside Milton, in Burlington, Applevale offers both u-pick and pre-picked options. They tend to get quite busy on the weekends and suggest visitors try and come on a weekday during the apple harvesting season. 

They offer mixed pear and apple pricing. If you are looking to pick your own, it will cost a minimum family purchase of $35.00 for a reusable orchard bag. However, they also state on their website that admittance to the orchard requires a minimum purchase of $20.00 per vehicle. 

They are open 7 days a week, and their hours are 9-5, although they won’t allow entry a half-hour before closure. They accept debit and credit and have a portable flush toilet with a sink on site. There is no price difference if you pick your own or purchase pre-picked apples. 

They sell some cider and honey and allow pets to be on their premise so long as they are on a leash. There is no payment for parking. Their apples are not organic, but they allow pickers to mix and match what they pick to take home. 

The Apple Orchard

Located in Hamilton, this orchard and farm combo offers more than just picking your own apples. They include wagon rides, a visit with some animals, a corn maze, walking trails, and more. They are also one of the few farms I’ve known to allow families to bring their all-terrain stroller or wagon. 

Their admission prices to spend a day at their farm are as follows:

  • 18 and over – $8.85 + HST
  • Seniors – $8.41 + HST
  • 2 to 17 – $7.97 + HST
  • under 2 – Free

They also have season passes available: 

  • Super Family Pass – $135.00 + HST
  • Super Single Pass – $35.00 + HST

Beyond apple picking, they have pre-picked apples in their storefront at $2.50 per pound. They are typically open from 9-5, the latest entry time is 4 pm, and they accept Cash, Debit, Credit, and Apple Pay. Follow them on social media for regular updates during the apple harvest season. 

Carluke Orchards

This orchard is on the border of Hamilton and Ancaster. It has the following hours, Tuesday-Saturday, 8 am-5 pm, Sunday, 11 am-5 pm, and it is closed Mondays. The last entry to the orchards is 45 minutes before they close. 

Carluke Orchards offer both pick your own and pre-picked options. They have expanded beyond picking apples to include a delicious bakery and a gourmet food market on the premise. Carluke has a total of 13 apple varieties. 

There are no reservations required before you visit. They allow leashed and well-socialized dogs and accept cash, credit, debit, and tap payments. They sell 10 lb bags for $17.00 and a 20 lb bag for $33.00. I couldn’t find any admission costs. 

Myer’s Apple Farm

37 Hamilton Regional Rd 52, Copetown, ON L0R 1J0

Located in Copetown, just outside Hamilton, Myer’s Apple Farm allows visitors to pick from a variety of 4 apples or select from a wider variety of pre-picked apples. Beyond apples, they offer some homemade jams, jellies, and honey. 

Unfortunately, the details they give on their website are sparse. I know that they have some animals for little ones to visit, such as horses, chickens, goats, and alpacas. They don’t want wagons or strollers in their orchards. 

They do not allow you to bring your own bag because they provide one when you arrive. I couldn’t find details about the admission cost or how much they charge for apples. I suggest calling ahead to confirm what you need before going. 

Downey’s Apple and Strawberry Farm 

13707 Heart Lake Rd, Inglewood, ON L7C 2K7

Located in Caledon, there is no admission fee to enter the farm or park. Downey’s Apple and Strawberry Farm doesn’t require reservations and provides all bags needed for picking, which can be purchased at the entrance. They accept debit and cash and have a handwashing station plus a port-o-potty. And they don’t allow strollers or wagons.

The prices are as follows: guests can pick a 10 lb bag of apples for $25 – with a maximum of 3 people per bag – or a 20 lb bag of apples for $40 – with a maximum of 5 people per bag. They estimate their harvest season from late August until late October. 

Puddicombe Estate Farm, Winery & Cider

Located in Winona just outside Hamilton, Puddincombe has a market open daily, and pick your own, Wednesday to Sunday, 9 am to 4:30. You may have seen one of their stands at our local Milton’s Farmer’s Market.

Beyond picking your own apples, they have baked goods, tasting bars and patios, a petting zoo, and a train. Their website, unfortunately, doesn’t give any information on admission fees, the payment they accept, etc., so I suggest calling them first before you go. 

Butt’s Berry Farm

Located the farthest away, in the Guelph area, and not worth the drive, unfortunately, if you are looking for apple picking. While you can pick your own fruit, it is restricted to strawberries, raspberries, and pumpkins. They sell some apples in one of their stands, but unless you happen to be in the area or driving through, I suggest one of the other local farms. 

There you have it, 14 farms and orchards where you pick your own apples, buy pre-picked apples, and have a great day out with family and friends. 

Final Thoughts and Further Reading

There you have it! A plethora of farms where you can get your strawberry picking fix on. But whatever way you choose to enjoy the strawberry season, I hope you get out there and have some fun!

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