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7 Ice Cream Spots in Milton: Picked by a Local

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Danielle L'Ami

If you’re like me and love ice cream, you’re in for a treat. Milton has some great spots to indulge any ice cream sweet tooth. Some shops let you add delectable toppings, while others let you bring home the goodies to store in your freezer for a rainy day. 

Want to know all the details? Read on to discover Milton’s seven best ice cream spots

Disclaimer: As a parent who has a child with an allergy, I know that ice cream often falls under the category of best to avoid. That said, some do cater to those with allergies. I have included what I found under each shop.

Jay’s Ice Cream

146 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1N6

Jay's Ice Cream & Sunshine's Gelato, Milton
Source: Mike Miller

There is a reason Jay’s Ice Cream was voted Milton’s best frozen dessert shop. With flavours like Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Pralines & Cream, deciding what you want to try may seem overwhelming. 

Founded in 1997, Jay’s has over 50 flavours to dazzle your tastebuds and is celebrating 25 years of serving Milton. Be prepared to receive generous portions with a friendly smile. You can get your ice cream in a milkshake, served in a cone or a cup, or as part of a delicious sundae. 

He also has some – take your ice cream to a nirvana level – toppings, including sprinkles, sauces, whip cream, and various types of candy. Try one of his twister cups, where you can add some yummy treats or a flavour shot. 

You may even want to pop by for an after-dinner drink of some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate if you are in the neighbourhood. Oh, and did I mention Jay also makes cakes? So, if you’re someone who loves ice cream cakes with special messages, be sure to check this out too. 

Allergen Disclaimer: Jay’s is not a nut-free place and doesn’t take cash.  

Rock Star Ice Cream

208 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1N8

Rock Star Ice Cream, Milton
Source: Rock Star Ice Cream, Milton

Rock Star Ice Cream offers many flavours, from a baby-scoop size to the ultimate triple scoop. Its 32 flavours range from Grammy’s Cupboard – a signature flavour of vanilla ice cream with brownies and cookie dough with delectable peanut butter ribbons – to Country Pumpkin Ice Cream. 

This delightful ice cream spot opened in the summer of 2021 and is run by Charlie, a born and raised Miltonian. He serves Shaw’s ice cream, which is Canadian-made and uses Canadian dairy and a family recipe they’ve perfected since 1948 in St. Thomas, Ontario. 

Rock Star Ice Cream also includes the Rock Star Café, where you can indulge in baked goods, including cannoli, cookies, and Portuguese custard tarts. If delectable baked goodies are more on your mind, you’ll want to pair them up with one of their warm drinks. 

And in case you also wanted to include an ice cream cake at your next birthday event, Rock Star can also handle this task. 

Allergen Disclaimer: Rock Star is not a nut-free place. 

Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab, Milton
Source: Marble Slab, Milton

Marble Slab Creamery is a franchise ice cream shop with multiple locations, including one in Milton. It serves up a variety of tasty creations that can be enjoyed in a cup, cone, or even as a litre or half-litre container to bring home. 

Check out their Deal of the Day to save on some of their delectable treats, from their ice cream sandwich to their milkshakes and ice cream crumbles. It offers some great vegan options which are custom-made and require 48 hours of notice to order. 

It also can provide cakes for your special occasion. If you want to create an unforgettable party, it can bring the ice cream bar directly to you. Beyond ice cream, you can also indulge in some not-to-be-missed popcorn flavours, including creamy dill pickle, a Canadian flavour staple. 

Allergen Disclaimer: Some of their products have allergens. It is best to visit their allergen menu to know what you or your child can have.

Baskin Robbins

Main Street Location

Bronte Street Location

Baskin Robbins, Milton
Source: Syed Abbas Zaidi

Baskin Robbins is another franchise ice cream shop and has two locations in Milton. While they mostly shine in ice cream, Baskin Robbins also makes ice cream cakes and pre-packs you can bring home. They also offer dairy-free options for those with dietary restrictions, e.g. vegan. 

Baskin Robbins’ size options range from kids’ sizes to single and double; make sure you pick a waffle cone or a fancy waffle cone. If you have children, you can join Club 31 for special discounts, and they can get a free scoop on their birthday. 

Allergen Disclaimer: Some of their products have allergens. You can visit their menu, click on the Allergens dropdown menu, and pick which allergens you want to avoid. The results at the top will change. For example, there are 40 flavours listed, but there are only 30 that are tree-nut-free. 

Dairy Queen

500 Laurier Ave Unit 16, Milton, ON L9T 4R3

Dairy Queen, Milton
Source: Ali G

I mean, who doesn’t know the original Blizzard® makers? The third franchise ice cream shop on our list started as an ice cream-only shop in 1938, selling its product for 10 cents each, unlike today’s fast-food chain. But since this is an ice cream post, we’ll avoid all the burgers and fries and focus on the frozen treats.

Beyond their Blizzard®, Dairy Queen is also known for its irresistible ice cream cakes containing a unique fudgy, chocolatey crunch centre. Other sweet treats it is known for are its dipped cones, dilly bars, and buster bars. It has added a non-dairy dilly bar to its menu for those who are vegan or avoiding dairy. 

It has two fan clubs you or your children can join; the DQ® Blizzard Fan Club and the Orange Julius® Fan Club, which also serves Orange Julius. To me, it just isn’t a true childhood if you don’t go to Dairy Queen at least once in your life. 

Allergen Disclaimer: Some of their products have allergens. It is best to visit a specific site and ask their servers since its website states that it sometimes has shortages and therefore has to substitute ingredients. 

Holy Shakes

61 James Snow Pkwy N #1, Milton, ON L9T 0H1

Holy Shakes, Milton
Source: Holy Shakes

Holy Shakes is a relatively new shop in Milton that come to share its fantastic treats with locals and anyone else who loves sweet treats. It offers milkshakes, freak shakes, cakes, pancakes, waffles, and ice cream.  

Originating from Toronto, this franchise has expanded and is known for its fusion milkshakes served in retro glass milk bottles. These bottles and jars are reusable; if you bring them back, you’ll get 5% off your next milkshake. 

Allergen Disclaimer: I couldn’t find any allergy information or enough about them since it is so new. Talk to your server about any allergy concerns. 

The Sweet Spot

Located at Elevate, Milton’s sports and recreational centre, The Sweet Spot serves up a variety of sweet treats, including ice cream with pina colada and butter pecan flavours. It also dabbles in milkshakes, floats, and a giant chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. 

Allergen Disclaimer: I couldn’t find any allergy information, but it does have some flavours with nuts. Talk to your server about any allergy concerns to be sure. 

Final Thoughts and Further Reading

There you have it, seven delectable ice cream spots in Milton. They’ll serve you delicious ice cream in a myriad of possibilities.

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