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8 Best Dog Groomers in Milton

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Tawfiq Kuttab

Your furry friends deserve the best care possible, and you deserve to know they’re in good hands. If you’re looking for a dog groomer who knows their stuff, look no further. This article lists eight of the best dog groomers in Milton and three more excellent groomers in the Halton region.

Dog Groomers in Milton

Amazing Pet Grooming

With over two decades of experience and a sizeable list of services, Amazing Pet Grooming is a team of groomers highly trusted by their community. Alongside bathing and haircuts, they also provide gentle ear cleaning and tooth brushing to ensure that your best friend feels as good as they look. Their Milton location also offers grooming services for cats. This team prides itself on providing a stress-free environment for your pets. Additionally, you can watch your pet get groomed thanks to their open grooming design. 

Spaws Professional Dog Grooming & Boutique

150 Nipissing Rd #6, Milton, ON L9T 5B3

Spaws is another established groomer in Milton who provides a full care kit for your best friend. Spaws welcomes dogs of all kinds of breeds and temperaments. Their environment caters to both shy and sociable dogs. When it comes to bathing, they only use skin-nurturing natural shampoos and conditioners.

In addition to their grooming services, Spaws also carries anything your pet may need. From toys to clothes to food, they’ve got it all. Speaking of food, Spaws carries a variety of name-brand, 100% Canadian-made dog food options.

BauHound Haus

BauHound continues our streak of reputable groomers. This location has over a decade of experience. BauHound stands out for its equal dedication to top-notch care and convenient service. Instead of simply focusing on haircuts and baths, BauHound pampers your furry friend with Salon and Spa treatments, including luxurious shampoos, gentle massage-like brushing, and mani-pedis. Of course, you still have the option of taking your dog for a quick bath and brush.

BauHound also has three self-serve bathing bays. For $10, you can wash your pup in a safe and spacious environment. On top of this, BauHound also runs a local and online store that provides food and supplies. The online store offers local delivery and curbside pickup for your convenience.

Pet Makeover

187 Mary St, Milton, ON L9T 1M1

Pet Makeover provides an extensive list of services for your pups. Getting the Full Groom service will set you up with everything you need. Your furry friend will get the pampering of a lifetime from an inspection for fleas, ticks, or skin abnormalities to all-natural baths. Of course, going all-out is not necessary. You can choose to go for more simple services as required. Pet Makeover accepts walk-ins and can usually accommodate them, but it’s highly suggested that you book an appointment to ensure you get a spot.

Haute Dogs Pet Grooming

604 Elliott Crescent, Milton, ON L9T 3G4

Haute dogs might be the place for you if your pup gets easily anxious when going to a groomer or simply by being around other dogs. Haute dogs typically take one dog at a time, allowing all care and attention to go to that dog. As far as pet groomers go, Haute dogs offer competitive pricing. Full grooms for small dogs (including trimming, bathing, brushing, styling, nail trimming, and ear cleaning) will cost $50-$60. Large dogs will set you back $80-$100, and as you can imagine, medium dogs fall somewhere in between. If your fluffy friend is extra-large, you will have to contact Haute dogs directly for a quote.

The good news is that Haute dogs offer multiple methods of discounts. These include the multi-dog discount and the loyalty program discount. Call or visit to inquire about these offers.


1095 Maple Ave Unit H3 & H4, Milton, ON L9T 0A5

Pet owners and non-pet owners alike probably know about PetSmart, the giant pet store chain that has served North American pet parents for decades. You may not know that alongside the wide range of pet products that they sell, many locations have a team of pet groomers inside the store. Pricing at the Milton location is slightly higher (~$80 for full grooming) than what you can expect from other groomers in the area. That said, you can rest assured that your pup is in the care of a trained professional groomer overseen by a reputable company.

Pet Valu

Bronte Street Location

1015 Bronte St. S, Milton, ON L9T 8X3

Main Street Location

890 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 0J4

Pet Valu is another pet chain store. In fact, with approximately 600 locations across the country, it is the leading pet food, and product supplier in Canada. 2 out of those 600 locations are in Milton. Like PetSmart, they also offer pet grooming services alongside their extensive range of products. Note that the Bronte street location in Milton only offers self-serve washing stations. On the other hand, the Main street location, in partnership with Groomingdale’s pet grooming, offers all the services you would expect to find at a groomer. Services include haircuts, baths, nails, ears, and teeth services.

Redwood Pet Resort

If you are going on vacation and need someone to take care of your pup, taking your little friend to a kennel can be a perfect solution. You may even simply want your dog to socialize. In any case, Redwood pet resort offers a massive monitored environment for dogs, cats, and other small pets to explore and release their pent-up energy. On the side, Redwood now has a full-time groomer that works every day by appointment. This combination can be very convenient for you and stress-free for your pup. Staff will groom them in an environment they can feel comfortable in.

Dog Groomers Near Milton

Bubble BeBe Pet Grooming Spa

1395 Abbeywood Dr #3A, Oakville, ON L6M 3B2

The Bubble BeBe pet grooming spa is beloved by Oakville residents for its high-quality service and professionalism. As you may expect, you can walk in for quick services or book for full services. The full grooming package includes the usual hair cut, bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and even under-paw hair trimming. As for cost, your bill depends highly on several characteristics of your pup, with the main factor being size. Full grooming for a small dog can cost as little as $68, while extra-large dogs will set you back at least $125. It’s also worth mentioning that they now offer cat grooming services too.

What is unique about Bubble BeBe is its photography service. Once your pet is looking its best, you can opt for a photo session with costumes, props, and backgrounds for as little as $10.

Ruffin’s Pet Centres

Ruffin’s Pet Centres, with only 15 stores, have amassed over 100,000 members. Primarily, Ruffin’s is a pet food and supply store, but just as Pet Valu and PetSmart do, they offer grooming services. Services and costs are outlined by contacting the store. The location in the small community of Georgetown is beloved by the residents for its grooming services. In addition to carrying popular name-brand products, Ruffin’s also produces and sells their own raw dog food.

If you are ever in the area, be sure to pop in and say hello to Olivia, the store’s pet bird.

Raining Cats and Dogs Mobile Grooming

Areas Served: Burlington, Oakville, and many more (see website)

Pet grooming can sometimes become a secondary priority when your schedule is too busy. Raining Cats and Dogs want to keep pet grooming a top priority. To up their convenience factor, they bring the grooming to you. This groomer has been serving customers across Halton Region and the GTA for five years. Unfortunately, it does not seem that they offer their services to Miltonians yet.

Of course, with this kind of convenience comes a steeper price. Puppy trims and touch-ups will cost you $80, a bath and brush is $75, and a full service is $95. They also offer services for cats, a bath and brush is $100, and a full service for your feline friend will set you back $130. You also have a range of individual services to choose from.

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