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15 Splash Pads in Milton: Your 2024 Guide

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Danielle L'Ami

Parents know that once summer rolls around, children can make a fuss about the heat and how bored they are. And if living in Canada has taught me anything, summers can be hot, and there is only so much a Mr. Freeze® Jumbo freezie can do. 

But thankfully, Milton has splash pads, a perfect way to get outside, have some fun, cool off, and meet up with friends. But which one do you visit? And what if you want to try a different one but aren’t sure if it’s worth the drive? 

Have no fear because as a parent to three kids, I’ve got you covered and can share all you need to know about Milton splash pads – or as some call them, spray pads – in the following post. I will describe each adjacent park because you can’t have one without the other. 

In total, there are 14 splash pads scattered across Milton.

What is a Splash Pad?

Before we dive into Milton’s different splash pads, let’s first clarify what they are for those who don’t know. Full disclosure, I was new to the term before I had kids. A splash pad is a concrete area that sprays water from different equipment, often in whimsical shapes, like frogs or flowers. 

Milton’s splash pads will often open around the Victoria long weekend in May of each year and typically stay open until the heat has subsided. Usually, the city closes them down on Labour Day weekend in September. However, sometimes if the heat is still excessive, they will stretch the closing date.

A Few Quick Tips on Milton’s Splash Pads

  1. You will have to walk to most of these splash pads.
  2. If you do drive, park at a nearby school or on the street as very few have parking spaces.
  3. Most parks offer minimal shade, so come prepared with sunscreen, hats, and water to stay hydrated.
  4. You can control all water with the press of a hand on the sensor; the sensors are on polls inside the splash area.
  5. At all splash pads, little children should be mindful that water also squirts up from the ground or right in their face, which some may not like. 

14 Splash Pads in Milton

Coates Neighbourhood Park North Splash Pad

Located on Philbrook Drive, this park has a balanced mix of equipment for both bigger and little kids. It has two slides, a climbing wall, and some monkey bars. There is also a pair of swings and a spinning apparatus where kids can stand and spin themselves until their heart is content or their heads become dizzy. 

There is a gazebo between the park and the splash pad area with two benches for eating a snack and getting a little shade. Once they are ready to cool off from the heat, the splash pad has multiple sprinklers in the ground that shoot up water and a pole with buckets that hang from it.

An insider tip to parents with little children: when the buckets are full of water, they will tip and dump water to the unsuspecting victims below. Some little ones may find this scary so make sure they know this before standing underneath one. 

That said, my middle child says this is so cool since you can play a game of chicken with your friends as you all stand under the buckets waiting for one of them to dump. Coates Splash Pad is one of the more unique splash pad parks and, to my kids, is worth visiting. 

Bristol District Park Splash Pad

Located on Kennedy Circle, this park has the advantage of being a short walk from a Tim Hortons. This is a plus for parents wanting to chill at the park with their favourite Tim’s summertime treat. The playground has a long ramp for running back and forth and has a double slide so kids can compete about who makes it down first.

Bristol Splash Pad has a set of swings, a climbing wall for little kids who want to challenge themselves, and on the other side, a blue sway ride where kids can sit and tilt back and forth. This park also has a lovely gazebo with picnic tables dividing up the area to the splash pad. 

When your kids are ready to get wet, they will enjoy the water that sprays from the ground and the frog-shaped bars that squirts water on those who stand inside its shape. This splash pad is one of the bigger ones, so your kids are sure to have a great time. 

Milton Community Park Splash Pad

805 Santa Maria Blvd, Milton, ON L9T 2X5

This one is slightly confusing because there are two parks close to one another, but only one has a splash pad. Don’t worry. I made sure to drive my kids out to this one to clarify because my memories were a little fuzzy. 

This splash pad is on Santa Maria Boulevard, but if you come from Derry Road, you may be inclined to turn towards the Milton Sports Centre. Because they are both so close to one another, you can do both in one day. Here is what each one offers. 

The playground has a giant blue climbing apparatus, some zip lines, beach volleyball, and even a skate park. 

Now for the playground that is with the splash pad. I love this park because there are two areas, one geared for the smaller kids and the other for the bigger ones. The smaller kids’ area is built on recycled tires. So yes, the ground is bouncy; it’s not your imagination. 

The larger playground area has a saucer swing, some great climbing equipment, including a warped climbing wall, and a great play area with lots of slides. The splash pad area is quite big and has many spots where water sprays down. 

There are a couple of shaded spots with benches but no gazebo with picnic tables. There is parking, but it will require you to walk along the path to the park. You can come from Derry Road and park on Leiterman Drive and Diefenbaker Street. It’s worth bringing a wagon or some bags with all you need for the day; this is not the park you visit for a quick 10 minutes. 

If you plan to spend the day there, it has washrooms on-site with changerooms. So if the weather changes suddenly and your kids don’t want to hang out in a cold bathing suit, you can quickly change and get on with your playing. 

Cobban Neighbourhood Park Splash Pad

Located on Whitlock Ave, in a newly developed area in Milton, this park has recently joined the Splash Pad family in 2023. It offers kids a spacious area to run around and get soaked with multiple poles that spew out water to the littles that run below. 

In between the splash area and park is a gazebo with lots of seating below to get a break from the sun when needed. With lots of slides, swings, and monkey bars, your kids will be sure to tire themselves out. Lastly, there is a funky apparatus that the kids will enjoy trying to figure out. 

Rotary Park Pool & Splash Pad

Warning: this splash pad and the playground are located next to a pool. I tell you this in case your kids see the pool and would rather go there instead. But the pool you have to pay to use, whereas the park and the splash pad are free. 

Located in the older part of Milton, on Garden Lane, you’ll find lots of large trees to provide some shade. Because of this, you’ll also find some paths you can walk on because it is a short distance from Mill Pond, a beloved hot spot in Milton for things to do. 

The playground has a couple of slides and covers to provide more shade for the kids climbing back and forth. The splash pad has a flower in the centre that spiral shoots water out of it, and poles surround it and spray out more water. Overall, it’s a nice playground and splash pad to visit. 

Bronte Meadows Park Splash Pad

Bronte Meadows Park Splash Pad is on Laurier Avenue. Unfortunately, this splash pad and park combo offer little shade. It does, however, have lots of climbing equipment for the kids who want to flex their climbing muscles. It also has two sections, one for the bigger, more experienced kids and the other for the toddler-size. 

The play area has tons of swings, which means less time waiting for one to free up if your kid adores flying high to the moon. The splash area has three poles that spray water and lots of water spraying from below. If your children are anything like mine, they will love to sit down on the shooting water and soak up their swimsuits. 

Despite lacking shade, this park has many smaller gazebos with picnic tables, perfect if you don’t want to feel crowded for shade. You’ll find this splash pad is surrounded by soccer fields, a baseball diamond, and more. There is plenty of room to run around and get your little one’s energy out. 

Kinsman Park Splash Pad

Kinsman Park has a bright and colourful playground with lots of paths where kids can ride their scooters or bikes to, from, and around the park. The playground area includes plenty of slides in the bigger kid section and a large seesaw. In the preschool section, there is a slide and a bright blue car your little ones will love to pretend to drive. There are also a good number of swings. 

Kinsman Park is off Wilson Drive in the older part of Milton. While it lacks the big shady trees common in this part of Milton, there is a large gazebo with picnic tables for when the sun becomes too intense. It is also next to a school where you can park your car. 

The splash pad area will make you think like you are Alice stepping into Wonderland with its giant colourful flowers and leaves that spray water to the visitors below. Your kids will love coming to this park and splash pad combo as it has a great layout. 

Clarke Neighbourhood Park South Splash Pad

Clarke Neighbourhood Park is another splash pad located on Laurier with a simple playground area, basic climbing equipment, and less whimsical design and colours. There are swings, a slide, and some climbing bars, the latter of which are not suitable for preschool-aged children. 

Clarke has a gazebo but only one picnic table. It also has a few surrounding paved paths for little ones who want to ride their bike or scooter around. If you go during non-school hours, you can park at the nearby school.

The splash pad area is also on the smaller side and contains one spraying flower and water that shoots up from the pavement. Lastly, there is no shade provided by surrounding trees, something to consider for those who require it when they head out for the day. 

Optimist Park Splash Pad

Located in the newer part of Milton, Savoline Boulevard, this recent playground has a swaying ride. At Optimist Park Splash Pad, kids can sit on either side of the large ride and tilt back and forth with their body weight. Beyond that, there are swings, multiple slides, including a bumpy one with rollers, and a climbing wall. 

The splash pad area is simplistic with a tall flower and most of its spraying water coming from the ground. As this is a newer development, there are no big shady trees, and the gazebo is on the smaller side. But there is a lot of green space surrounding the park for those who want their kids to run. There is no parking on site. 

Scott Neighbourhood Park East Splash Pad

Scott Neighbourhood Park almost reminds me of an obstacle course, as kids love to try and stay off the ground only using the balancing equipment. The other side of the park includes some swings and a general play area with a couple of slides. 

Located on Scott Boulevard, there is an adjacent soccer field and a basketball net for kids who consider themselves too old for a playground and splash pad. There is also a good parking space for those who want to drive. 

The splash area is a decent size and has three poles that squirt water while the rest of it shoots up from the ground. Unfortunately, there is no shade to this park and splash pad combo other than the gazebo with one picnic table. 

Sunny Mount Park Splash Pad

You’ll never have to worry about your kids fighting over swings at Sunny Mount Park. There are lots! And if you have kids who love to climb, they’ll love to come to this park, as it has more than one climbing apparatus. 

There is also a giant gazebo with ample picnic tables if you decide to hang out with family or friends for the day. Still, there are no other areas of shade. There are a few parking spots within a short distance from the park. 

The main section of this Ruhl Drive playground is geared towards older kids aged 5-12. That said, any little kids you may have will still enjoy the splash pad area, which is a simple design of one flower that sprays water. 

Dempsey Neighbourhood Park Splash Pad

Dempsey Neighbourhood Park’s splash pad combo on Dixon Drive has one continuous playground area with a wobbly bridge, two slides, and a small alcove underneath. Little ones can take turns playing pretend as customers and cashiers. It also has a small balance beam and a few swings nearby. 

While there is a nearby school, it is easiest to park on the street. There is a small gazebo with one picnic table, and the splash pad is small and unshaded, despite the surrounding trees.

Laurier Park Splash Pad

Laurier Park is the third park on this list on Laurier Avenue – it’s a long street – and is also in the older part of Milton. In some ways, this playground reminds me of a fort, with its “kids only” signs, muted colours, and pretend wood apparatus that kids can climb and peak through. 

There are five slides. The lower double slide is perfect for little kids, while the other three include one tall and a second double slide, perfect for those who want to race each other to the bottom. A swing set rests nearby, as does a small gazebo with one picnic table. 

While there are a lot of surrounding trees, unfortunately, they don’t work well to offer shade. The splash pad is minimal, with a single flower that sprays water out of its petals, and the rest of the water shoots up from below. But there are some excellent surrounding paths and a nearby soccer field. 

Lions Sports Park Splash Pad

Lions Sports Park, located off of Thompson Road, has a lot nearby. Thanks to its excellent location and entertaining splash pad, some visitors consider this one to be the perfect splash pad and playground. Definitely put this one on your list to visit this summer. 

There are soccer fields, the Milton Public Library, a skateboard park, and a couple of baseball diamonds in the surrounding area. The playground area is divided into sections. One side is appropriate for the little preschool-aged children and has some stairs and a small slide.

On the other side, there are a couple of slides and some monkey bars on which they can swing until they drop. There are four swings and a large gazebo that offers a lot of tables and shade, although the playground itself is open to the full sunshine. 

The splash pad area is extensive, having three areas that kids can run around on. Water squirts out from a dragonfly, a few poles, and from below. For those who want to avoid a crowd, an insider tip: avoid going in the evening. This is because many parents bring their kids there while another kid is playing a sport nearby during the summer evenings. 

Beaty Neighbourhood Park – North Splash Pad

1022 Costigan Rd, Milton, ON L9T 4E2, Canada

Beaty Neighbourhood Park is on the smaller side, so I suggest venturing out to one of the others listed above. The playground is simplistic. There’s one station where children can climb up and slide back down on one of four different slides. 

There are some swings a short distance away. But if you love saucer swings, there are a few in the Beaty Neighbourhood South Park a little further down the street. Parking is available at the nearby school if you’re driving.

The gazebo is small and covers two picnic tables, whereas otherwise, there is no shade. There is a basketball court with two nets between the playground and the splash pad area if your kids want to play a game. Lastly, the splash pad is minimal, but it will still work well enough if you desperately want to cool off.

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