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10 Best Italian Restaurants in Milton

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Danielle L'Ami

You know the feeling. It’s approaching dinnertime and you’re craving a satisfying, flavorful meal – something incredibly delicious, genuinely Italian, and ideally in a fantastic setting with excellent service.

So, here’s the deal. There are many Italian restaurants in Milton. And while you know you want delicious Italian cuisine; you aren’t sure which place you’ll pick. Here to help you decide is our list of the best 10 Italian restaurants in Milton

But fair warning, they are all so amazingly fantastic that you really do need to try them all. Let’s dive in!

Risposta Bistro

24 Crawford Crescent, Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0

Risposta Bistro, Campbellville
Source: Risposta Bistro

Risposta Bistro, situated just on the outskirts of Milton, is definitely worth the drive if you’re seeking irresistible cuisine. The establishment boasts elegant indoor decor and beautiful outdoor patios and gazebos alongside renowned seafood, pizza, and striploin offerings.

It’s not just the delectable food that draws patrons here; it’s the elevated Italian dining experience. The restaurant frequently updates its menu based on seasonal ingredients. You might come across enticing options such as a charcuterie board featuring thinly sliced meats and a blend of imported Italian hard cheese, accompanied by house-made soft cheese. Or, their PEI Mussels served in a tomato and white wine broth.

Once you move beyond the appetizers, a plethora of impressive entrées await. Will you opt for the Beef Tenderloin, so tender it practically dissolves in your mouth? Or perhaps the Penne a La Vodka with 3-month in-house cured pancetta?

While you could certainly leave the table now and feel completely satisfied, why would you? Tempting desserts like the light and fluffy Cheesecake or the rich and creamy Tiramisu are next, promising to make every bite worthwhile.

Risposta Bistro doesn’t merely offer a wonderful dining experience, it’s a journey that delights your taste buds and uplifts your spirits with each wine-infused moment spent there.

When it comes to Italian restaurants in Milton, follow the website’s advice: book your experience today.

Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza

Goodfellas, Milton
Source: Allen Christison

Rustic. Authentic. Delizioso! These three words encapsulate the essence of Goodfellas. While their reputation centers around their wood oven pizza – as clearly indicated in their name – their offerings extend far beyond, showcasing dishes like the newly introduced Gnocchi Pesto di Pollo and the Branzino in Padella, a delectable pan-seared sea bass.

A visit to Goodfellas offers more than just exceptional cuisine; it provides a truly engaging service that transforms your dining experience from merely enjoyable to a resounding “we absolutely need to return.” And make no mistake, the beverage menu is an essential part of the experience, featuring tantalizing options like Bellinis, Negronis, and Sangria.

Goodfellas seamlessly blends a cozy, romantic ambiance perfect for a date night with a welcoming setting suitable for a family gathering. Disappointment is simply not on the menu. Their array of mouthwatering, time-honored homemade recipes, accompanied by delightful service and an inviting atmosphere, will undoubtedly earn them a special place on your list of preferred dining spots. It won’t be long before you become a regular guest, drawn in by the scrumptious fare, friendly ambiance, and captivating culinary journey they offer.

The Grand Chalet & Tony Spiducci Ristorante

The Grand Chalet & Tony Spiducci Ristorante
Source: The Grand Chalet & Tony Spiducci Ristorante

When considering Italian dining options in Milton, The Grand Chalet stands as a true fixture, firmly established within the town much like Mill Pond. Just as dependable as the nightly sunset, this establishment consistently delivers exceptional cuisine, characterized by an unparalleled attention to detail.

Among their array of popular and authentic Italian dishes, you’ll find delights such as Spiducci, Linguini Pescatore, and Bistecca Ai Ferri – all served with genuine warmth and affection. Operating as a family-run venture, The Grand Chalet extends a welcoming touch that makes every guest feel like an integral part of their extended family.

Remarkably, The Grand Chalet not only caters to weddings and larger gatherings, but it also warmly welcomes those seeking a more intimate dining experience. Their inviting patio provides a charming backdrop for celebrating any occasion with an intimate touch.

While their capacity to accommodate all visitors is impressive, it’s advisable to make reservations in advance, given the dedicated following they’ve garnered over time. Securing a last-minute reservation might prove challenging due to their loyal customer base. And do remember to conclude your meal with their truly sensational Tiramisu – a dessert that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

A visit to The Grand Chalet promises more than just a meal; it assures an unforgettable experience rooted in Italian culinary excellence and a genuine sense of familial hospitality.


Pasqualino Milton
Source: Pasqualino Milton

Pasqualino offers a captivating blend of contemporary elegance intertwined with a touch of classic charm. Whether you opt for a table in the main dining area or reserve the private wine cellar for a special event, you’re in for an exceptional culinary journey. The added perk of hosting a private event is the ability to customize the room according to your preferences.

While the menu consistently features authentic and delectable Italian fare, Pasqualino goes the extra mile by accommodating diverse dietary needs, including Halal options. Notably, all their bread, pasta, and pizza are freshly crafted in-house daily.

The Roast Duck in a Cherry Port Wine Sauce holds a place of honor as a menu favourite, and the Calamari consistently arrives at your table hot and impeccably crisp. For those who manage to navigate through appetizers and main courses without feeling overly stuffed, the Crème Brûlée offers a delectable conclusion.

Expect a vibrant and bustling atmosphere upon your visit, as the restaurant resonates with lively conversations. If you’re seeking a more tranquil and intimate dining experience, you might find solace away from the main dining area. The staff’s professionalism, attentiveness, and charm further enhance the overall dining experience.

Nestled in the heart of Milton, Pasqualino boasts an inviting setting with expansive wall-to-wall windows that provide glimpses of the lively Main Street activity. It seamlessly merges sophistication and upscale ambiance. For an authentic, spirited Italian dining encounter, Pasqualino stands as the destination of choice – just be prepared to leave any notions of a quiet evening at home.

Casa Americo Italian Bistro & Restaurant

Casa Americo, Milton

Nestled within the heart of downtown Milton, this Italian restaurant stands as a true gem. Whether you seek an intimate indoor or patio dining experience, or you’re arriving with family, you’ll be enveloped in a sense of kinship from the moment you step through the door.

The owner’s warm personal touch is evident as he personally extends a greeting to each guest, sharing anecdotes about the restaurant’s history and gladly offering culinary suggestions. From genuine antipasti selections to indulgent and velvety Paste e Risotto, your taste buds are in for a delightful journey.

A standout dish, the Osso Buco D’Agnello, presents a succulent lamb shank infused with mint, exquisitely tender, and accompanied by Russian mashed potatoes – a creamy and bacon-infused delight. This dish not only satiates but elevates your dining encounter to a lavish feast.

Whether you decide to explore their regular menu or delve into the weekly specials (details available on their website), one culinary delight you must not miss is their authentic Tiramisu. The consensus is clear – Casa Americo deserves a spot on your list of must-visit Italian bistros.

Capturing the essence of Italian hospitality and cuisine, Casa Americo crafts an experience that lingers in your memory long after your meal concludes. Whether you’re seeking an intimate evening or a family-friendly outing, this restaurant warmly welcomes all, ensuring you leave with not just a satisfied palate, but also a heartwarming connection to Italian traditions.

La Toscana

165 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1N7

La Toscana Ristorante, Milton
Source: La Toscana Ristorante, Milton

Nestled against the charming backdrop of the local historic 19th-century Thompson House, La Toscana presents a captivating fusion of authentically elevated Italian cuisine. Renowned for its distinction as an oyster and wine bar, the restaurant offers a refreshingly straightforward menu featuring well-loved entrées that guarantee every newcomer swiftly transforms into a loyal patron.

Often hailed as a slice of culinary paradise, La Toscana boasts signature dishes such as the classic Spaghetti Bolognese, the indulgent Chicken Scaloppini with Frangelico Cream and Almonds, and the meticulously prepared Rack of Lamb with a Dijon Mustard Bread Crust, elegantly finished with a Red Wine Demi Glaze.

While wine naturally graces many orders, an essential experience awaits in Pasquale’s renowned Amaretto Sours – a must-try creation that embodies the essence of La Toscana’s artful concoctions. From appetizers to mains, each dish is crafted with a blend of passion and precision, reflecting a commitment to culinary excellence. Yet, indulging in dessert is an undeniable necessity.

Should your heart yearn for an ambiance that marries intimacy, geniality, and a palpable sense of history, then without hesitation, make your way to one of Milton’s most cherished Italian dining establishments. La Toscana promises not just a meal, but an immersive encounter where each bite carries the essence of Italy and where the delightful connection to the past enriches every moment.


Locanda, Milton
Source: Locanda

Once more, we encounter an Italian restaurant that ticks all the right boxes. What sets Locanda apart lies in the subtle nuances – whether it’s the Rigatoni artfully mingled within an expansive Parmigiana Wheel or the delightful provision of homemade rolls complemented by balsamic vinegar and oil, awaiting your palate’s delight.

For those seeking an ideal venue to commemorate a joyous birthday, Locanda fits the bill. Be prepared for a heartwarming spectacle as the entire restaurant joins in applause, while the staff presents a dessert and delivers heartfelt birthday wishes in Italian. On balmy summer evenings, the patio beckons, offering a prime spot to immerse yourself in the vibrant downtown atmosphere.

Among the famed favourites, you’ll discover the iconic Chicken Parmigiana, the delectable Fresh Gnocco Bolognese, the time-honored Tiramisu, and an ever-intriguing masterpiece – the Vanilla Pear Shape Ice Cream Encrusted with Chocolate. A trifecta of excellence is evident: impeccable service, a pleasing ambiance, and an array of dishes that are not just good, but excellent – an affirmation that warrants not one, but several checks.

At Locanda, it’s the fusion of these elements that crafts an experience beyond the ordinary. Beyond merely savoring a meal, you’re transported to a realm where culinary artistry, conviviality, and a harmonious environment harmonize seamlessly. Your checklist may be complete, but your journey at Locanda is bound to unfold a symphony of flavors and a symposium of joys that linger long after your final bite.

Portabello’s Italian Bistro

Portabello's Italian Bistro, Milton
Source: Portabello’s Italian Bistro

Described as stepping into the heart of Naples, Portabello’s infuses fresh ingredients into quality Italian favourites. Guided by an attentive staff brimming with enthusiasm for sharing recommendations, you’ll find yourself facing a delightful dilemma as you ponder your choices. The solution might involve sharing the generously portioned entrées to partake in an array of delectable delights.

A great low-key vibe that lets you come in and order one of their 11-inch pizzas or even simply enjoy a hot beverage and a delicious dessert – I’d pick the crème brûlée in a heartbeat. Be sure to ask for a spot on the patio and watch the setting sun on a warm summer’s evening. 

Portabello’s is the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day with comfort Italian cuisine, friendly service, and a pleasant night out with family or a subdued date night. 

Main Street Italian Eatery

18 Thompson Rd N, Milton, ON L9T 2X5

Main Street Italian Eatery, Milton
Source: Bryce Shroeder

Another comfort Italian restaurant in Milton, but add in a sandwich shop, and you’ve got food that tastes like Nonna used to make. Open throughout the day, be careful if you have a meal in mind, it could sell out during the lunch rush. 

Local favourites include Cheese Tortellini, Stuffed Peppers, Cabbage Rolls, and Chicken Cutlets. Although they change their menu regularly, so be sure to check their Facebook page for what’s being served. It’s also less of a dine-in and much more of a take-out eatery, as the name says. 

For a family-run vibe who also loves to cater events, check out Main Street Italian Eatery for your next homemade Italian food craving. 

East Side Mario’s

East Side Mario's, Milton
Source: Leonard E

You could visit East Side Mario’s for a date night, but really, you’re best leaving this one out as it oozes dinner with the whole family more than anything else. They are the home of all-you-can-eat pasta and salads and are proud of their generous portions.  

Distinguishing itself from other Italian eateries in Milton, East Side Mario’s sets itself apart by offering daily deals, a convenient downloadable app, and appealing perks for those who sign up. The ambiance is characterized by nurturing and supportive energy, and if your idea of pasta perfection involves an endless supply of bread, then this establishment is tailor-made for your cravings.

East Side Mario’s menu offers a playful twist on Italian-American cuisine, featuring whimsical dish names like Budda Boomers and Grilled Chicken Sammy – and yes, you can get French Fries here. If you like variety on your menu, this is the place to be. Try the pasta, try the pizza, but hey, be sure to get some of the Italian Wedding Soup, which you won’t find anywhere else.

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