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23 Milton Restaurants with Patios: Picks from a Local

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Inshaal Badar

It’s date night or family night, and you’re looking for the best patios and outdoor seating in Milton! Lucky for you, the list of delicious cuisines available in Milton is endless. Milton’s motto has always been “A Good Place To Live, Work, and Play,” and it sure does live up to that. 

Many cafes and restaurants in the area offer outdoor seating for you to enjoy your time, especially on those warm summer days. In this entry of Experience Milton, we explore the top patio restaurants and outdoor seating options in Milton, Ontario. Enjoy!


Best for: Italian, Vegetarian options

Locanda, Milton
Source: Locanda

Discover the wonderful world of Italian cuisine at Locanda. This restaurant is known for its delicious lobster ravioli, gnocchi, and rigatoni. You will be impressed by the delicious tiramisu, ice cream, and crème Brulee. Whether you are ordering a glass of wine or an espresso, you will not be disappointed.  

Locanda also hosts anniversary, wedding, or birthday parties! So be sure to let the server know what you are celebrating. This spot offers a great atmosphere with wonderful décor and is considered one of the best restaurants in Milton.

You’re sure to find them with a quick Google search for “cafe near me”.


Best for: Italian, Wine bars, Vegetarian options

Pasqualino Milton
Source: Pasqualino Milton

Pasqualino is a beloved fine-dining Italian restaurant in Milton, serving Milton residents their favourite classic Italian dishes since 2002.

Pasqualino’s exquisite Italian cuisine is beautifully plated and paired with a stunning wine list. If you want to enjoy a classy atmosphere, this is the place for you. Whether it’s date night or you are just craving Italian food, Pasqualino should be at the top of your list. They offer outdoor seating in the summer months.

Ned Devine’s Irish Pub

Best for: Irish, Vegetarian options

Ned Devine's Irish Pub, Milton
Source: Ned Devine’s Irish Pub

One of the best pubs in Milton, you should book a table at this bar if you’ve never tried Irish cuisine. Ned Devine’s offers delicious fish, nacho chips, and chicken wings. Diners love the Yorkshire pudding, delicious cheesecakes and the wide range of drinks (including beer, of course!).

The staff is friendly and helpful, making this spot a favourite spot for many in Milton. Ned Devine’s Irish Pub offers affordable meals, and they also have two levels of patios for you to enjoy. Tip: Plan a weekend trip here to enjoy live music.

Sushi-Ya Japan

Best for: Sushi, Japanese, Asian, Vegetarian options

Sushi-Ya Japan, Milton
Source: Sushi-Ya Japan

You don’t need to go too far to find the next stop on the Milton patios tour. Sushi-Ya Japan, located at 8 Martin Street, is just around the corner.

This small Milton sushi restaurant packs a punch. They are known for their authentic Korean and Japanese dishes. Sushi-ya Japan’s menu has it all, whether you are craving maki, sashimi, or your favourite rolls.

Enjoy a relaxing time on Sushi-Ya’s cozy front patio in Milton. 

Risposta Bistro

24 Crawford Crescent, Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0

Best for: Italian, Pizza, Wine bars, Sandwiches, Vegetarian options

Risposta Bistro, Campbellville
Source: Risposta Bistro

This bar is a great place to try Italian food. Order perfectly cooked grilled squid and ribeye, as well as Italian salads. According to the opinions of visitors, the waiters offer delicious gelato, cheesecakes, and tiramisu. Risposta Bistro offers excellent chianti, brandy, and champagne. 

This place is easily accessible even during rush hour traffic. All year-round, the staff is friendly and welcoming. People appreciate the professional service they receive in their reviews. 

The Grand Chalet and Tony Spiducci’s Ristorante

Best for: Italian, Vegetarian options

The Grand Chalet & Tony Spiducci Ristorante
Source: The Grand Chalet & Tony Spiducci Ristorante

This Milton restaurant combines a venue (The Grand Chalet) and a restaurant (Tony Spiducci’s Ristorante). It serves as a one-stop-shop for many of Milton’s largest events. Tony Spiducci’s sunny terrace is open to anyone, whether you are celebrating an occasion or just dining in.

This old-world-Italian-inspired trattoria offers its many loyal Milton patrons traditional Italian-American food and refreshments. Locals love Tony Spiducci’s Ristorante for its warm, welcoming atmosphere and delicious menu.

Grill Daddy

Best for: Vegetarian, Fast Food, American Options

After a long day of walking around Milton Town Hall, come here for a drink. You will be impressed by the delicious eggs benedict, bacon, and smoked salmon. According to the opinions of guests, this restaurant offers delicious crepes, fruit salads, and French toasts. Don’t forget to try their coffee! 

Grill Daddy is ideal for guests who need to eat quickly and are looking for affordable food. If you want to grab a quick bite, this is the perfect place for you! 


Best for: American options, Desserts, Coffee

Starbucks, Milton
Source: Starbucks, Milton

Who doesn’t love Starbucks?! Starbucks is one of Milton’s most popular cafes. They offer excellent coffee and breakfast all day. The cafe uses organic coffee and offers hundreds of customization options. With a variety of protein-packed Gruyere Sous Vide egg bites and a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold brew, start your morning off on a good note. 

Starbucks has partnered with Second Harvest to save 100 percent of the food that is available for donation and reduce food waste in their stores. They strive to provide the best quality and service possible while honouring their heritage and innovating to offer new tastes. Starbucks offers gift cards, eliminates plastic straws, returns personal reusable cups and best of all, offers outdoor seating! 

Casa Americo Italian Bistro & Restaurant

Best for: Italian, Vegetarian options

Casa Americo, Milton

The chefs at Casa Americo will ensure that you receive delicious chicken supreme, salmon, and lamb shanks. The most popular drinks at this spot are marsala, beer, and house wine. 

This restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. Casa Americo is a restaurant that offers great food for affordable prices.  

Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge

Best for: Dessert, Vegetarian options

Symposium Cafe & Restaurant, Milton
Source: Symposium Cafe & Restaurant, Milton

One of Milton’s most famous cafes is Symposium Cafe Restaurant and Lounge.

Symposium offers a full breakfast and brunch menu, including waffles, omelettes, French toast, and freshly squeezed juices. The Symposium breakfast is especially famous in the area.

They also offer cocktails, more than 30 martini options, 12 tap beers, 34 varieties of wine, and speciality coffee beverages. 

Symposium is open daily from the early morning until late at night. You can order burgers, steaks, and seafood from the full restaurant menu until closing. This cafe is a great place for business meetings or staff parties. 

Note for all our vegetarians: A wide range of vegetarian options are available in the Symposium Cafe menu!

East Side Mario’s

Best for: Italian, Pizza, American, Canadian, Vegetarian options

East Side Mario's, Milton
Source: Leonard E

East Side Mario’s specializes in delicious Italian food at a great price, all within a casual, family-friendly atmosphere.

It serves Italian, Pizza, Canadian, American cuisines. It is also vegetarian-friendly.

Here you can enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner. East Side Mario’s offers delivery, outdoor seating, takeout, reservations in advance, and wheelchair accessibility options. They also have a full bar if you want to grab a drink and watch sports.

Ivy Arms

201 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1N7

Best for: Vegetarian, Canadian options

Ivy Arms, Milton
Source: Ivy Arms, Milton

After a long day at work, it is time to take a break at the Ivy Milton. You can expect delicious fish & chips, salads and of course, beer on the Ivy Arms’ menu. 

This spot offers a relaxing atmosphere with friendly staff that allows you to unwind. Bonus perk: Ivy Arms also hosts live music and karaoke nights! Get your singing voice on and enjoy a night out with friends here.

Sunset Grill

Maple Avenue Location

1003 Maple Ave Unit B1, Milton, ON L9T 0A5

Derry Road Location

6941 Derry Rd W, Milton, ON L9T 7H5

Best for: Breakfast, Vegetarian, Canadian options

Sunset Grill, Milton
Source: Sunset Grill, Milton

Who said you can’t eat breakfast for dinner? This restaurant serves delicious Canadian cuisine and breakfast items under the guidance of a well-known chef. Enjoy delicious bacon, pancakes, eggs, and coffee anytime during the day! 

With reasonable prices, Sunset Grill will not leave you disappointed. All meals are cooked fresh, and whether you are craving eggs benedict or chocolate chip pancakes, you will find something you love on the menu!

Marquee Steakhouse & Piano Lounge

Best for: Steakhouse, Vegetarian options available

Marquee Steakhouse & Piano Lounge, Milton
Source: Marquee Steakhouse & Piano Lounge, Milton

Enjoy delicious ribeye, steak salads, and beef tenderloin at this delicious restaurant. The steakhouse offers a special deal that includes delicious creme brulee and cheesecakes. Enjoy a glass of wine, a good martini or even a cup of cappuccino, depending on your mood. 

Marquee Steakhouse & Piano Lounge is an excellent spot for a classy meal out. 

La Toscana

165 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1N7

Best for: Vegetarian and Italian options

La Toscana Ristorante, Milton
Source: La Toscana Ristorante, Milton

La Toscana offers delicious Italian cuisine. You will be impressed by the perfectly cooked salmon, seafood pasta, and oysters. After your main course, don’t forget to try the tiramisu and creme brulee! This restaurant is well-known in Milton and offers an expansive food menu. If you are looking for an upscale eatery with decor inspired by the 19th century, this is the place for you.

Thai House Cuisine

Best for: Thai, Asian, and Vegetarian Options

Thai House Cuisine, Milton
Source: @thaihousemilton

Look no further for Thai food that will leave your mouth watering. Thai House Cuisine offers spicy beef, green chicken, cashew poultry, mango sticky rice, and more! We’d recommend ending your meal off with a Thai iced tea.

This place is easy to find because of its excellent and convenient location. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the food is affordable. To top it off, the restaurant displays stunning decor making for a great atmosphere. 

The Works Craft Burgers & Beer

Best for: Burgers, Vegetarian options

The Work Gourmet Burger Bistro, Milton
Source: Jimmy Limit

The Works offers delicious burgers of all kinds! Do you want to add poutine to your burger? What about two eggs? They have it all! They offer both meat and vegetarian options, so no matter what your dietary restrictions are, you will find a burger on the menu for you.

Enjoy a glass of cold pop served in measuring cups or beer! The Works is known for their milkshakes and overall variety of food options.

This spot is easy to find because of its great location right on Main Street. 

The Escarpment Tea Room

Best for: British, Canadian, Vegetarian options

The Escarpment Tea Room, Milton
Source: The Escarpment Tea Room, Milton

You will find recipes and ingredients for British and Canadian cuisines here. Be impressed by the quality of egg sandwiches, egg salads, and pork from the very first bite. This cafe is known for its delicious strawberry scones, macarons, and chocolate macaroons. Don’t forget to try its great red tea as well! 

At The Escarpment Tea Room, you can enjoy a relaxing time with your family or friends surrounded by beautiful decor. 

Mama Mila’s Cafe

9113 Derry Rd W, Milton, ON L9T 7Y9

Best for: Canadian, Soups, Vegetarian options

Mama Mila's Cafe, Milton
Source: Mama Mila’s Cafe, Milton

This cafe in Milton serves delicious meatball subs, potato soup, croissants, crepes, and doughnuts. A variety of delicious rums are also available to guests. Mama Mila’s offers great hot coffee, tea, and chocolate (whatever your mood is!).

You can order takeout from this establishment as well. Open all year round, Mama Mila’s Cafe offers friendly service and quality food at an affordable price.

Koozina Mediterranean Cuisine

65 Ontario St S, Milton, ON L9T 2M3

Best for: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Fast Food, Greek, Vegetarian Options

This fast-food restaurant offers Mediterranean and Greek cuisines. Delicious chicken shawarma, Greek salads, and marinated chicken are popular on the menu. And we cannot forget their famous Baklava, a popular layered pastry dessert. 

This place offers food delivery and outdoor seating. Koozina Mediterranean Cuisine is known for their attentive staff members and excellent service. It is also affordable and won’t break the bank! 

Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery

Best for: Coffee, light food

Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery, Milton
Source: Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery, Milton

Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery is one of the top coffee shops in Milton. It’s a popular spot for studying, meeting up with friends or even just grabbing a quick bite. Here you can enjoy delicious breakfast sandwiches, salads, and turkey. They also offer delicious cupcakes, bagels, and cheesecakes. Go once, and you’ll be back for more of the delicious cappuccinos, hot teas, and hot chocolates that make your meal taste even better.

Coffee Culture’s calm atmosphere makes it easy to relax and have a good time. The staff are very friendly and make you feel right at home!


45 Chisholm Dr, Milton, ON L9T 4A6

Best for: Canadian Fast Food, Vegetarian, Options

Kelsey's Original Roadhouse, Milton
Source: Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse, Milton

Kelseys is a casual restaurant that is perfect for any meal. Order salmon, beet, chicken wings, or a delicious white chocolate cheesecake. They serve quality draft beer and a variety of other beverages. 

Their logo is “Eat what you want to eat. Drink what you want to drink. Be who you want to be”. How can you NOT want to try Kelsey’s? Choose between indoor and outdoor seating and enjoy the affordable meal options. 

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