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Shawarma in Milton

10 Best Shawarma Spots in Milton: Picked by a Local

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Tawfiq Kuttab

The Shawarma industry is booming in popularity! Amidst the clutter, finding authentic and delicious shawarma can be challenging. Luckily, we’re here to help guide you to the perfect Shawarma spot! Today, we have compiled a list of the 12 best restaurants in Milton that serve shawarma.

Wagih’s Steakhouse – Hood & Grill

260 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1P2

First up, a location where you won’t typically expect to find Shawarma, Wagih’s Steakhouse: Hood & Grill. Despite operating as a steakhouse, they’ve got all the classic options for shawarma lovers. Choose from chicken or beef shawarma topped on your choice of either rice or fries. Alternatively, you can get your shawarma in a pita wrap. To pair with your shawarma, you can opt for falafel balls, hummus, or choose from various salads.

While the quality of Hood & Grill’s shawarma is of no question, the value and portion sizes leave a little to be desired.

Shawarma Town

500 Laurier Ave, Milton, ON L9T 2N2

Shawarma Town is a locally beloved mom and pop operation that serves excellent shawarma with a smile. Visitors almost always cite plentiful portions and friendly service. You’re guaranteed to leave with a satisfied stomach and a satisfied wallet. However, If you’re a fan of beef shawarma, this may not be the place for you; Shawarma Town specializes in Chicken Shawarma. Fans of this spot also often hail Shawarma Town’s garlic sauce, both for its taste and creaminess. 

Shawarma Corner

20 Market Dr #1, Milton, ON L9T 3H5

Although located in a less-seen part of town, Shawarma corner is the perfect spot to grab a quick meal after a hard day’s work. If you’re looking for something reliable, I recommend the Chicken Shawarma on fries, topped with garlic sauce and tahini sauce. However, Shawarma corner has taken its game to the next level with some creative offerings. Ever heard of Shawarma on Onion rings? Well, how about Shawarma Poutine? After all, we are talking about a Canadian shawarma spot.

For those looking for an extra kick to their food, or if you are a fan of signature sauces, don’t be afraid to ask for Shawarma Corner’s signature hot sauce, dubbed the “Suicide Sauce”. 


875 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 3Z3

Any fan of shawarma has undoubtedly heard of Osmow’s shawarma. Serving Egyptian cuisine to Canadians for the past 20 years, Osmow’s is perhaps best known for their fan-favourite garlic sauce, which has customers constantly seeking the recipe. While many have come close, no one has yet managed to replicate Osmow’s garlic sauce. But perhaps even better than the garlic sauce are Osmow’s prices. Spending $10-$15 here will set you up with a very satisfying meal.

While most visitors will typically gravitate towards the chicken or beef shawarma, Osmow’s also offers delectable lamb shawarma. Suppose you’re interested in specialty signature items. In that case, you might be interested in an Osmow’s Philly chicken wrap, a rather unexpected offering. If you’re foregoing meat, Osmow’s boasts a variety of beyond-meat options because no one should miss out on fantastic shawarma.

Paramount Fine Foods

Paramount Fine Foods is a staple institution of Middle Eastern cuisine in the Greater Toronto Area. Their Milton location is no different. If you’re after a memorable Shawarma experience, then look no further than the Tabliyeh Saj Chicken Shawarma. For only $15, you get grilled chicken wrapped in freshly baked thin Saj bread, served alongside crispy fries and some yummy turnips and pickles. You can top it all off with some of Paramount’s garlic sauce, and you’re guaranteed to leave with a full stomach.

Taza Xpress

Main Street Location

1535 Main St E, Milton, ON L9E 0H9

Bronte Street Location

470 Bronte St. S, Milton, ON L9T 2J4

Taza Xpress is secretive with its unique mix of fresh herbs and savoury spices. However, what’s not a secret is that they offer shawarma that is as unique as it is delicious. If you’re looking for a great deal, check out Taza Xpress’s daily specials. With their Monday special, Taza Xpress makes the start of the week just a little more bearable, which gives you two Taza On Z Sticks plates (chicken shawarma on fries) for only $12.50. 

Alongside their shawarma, Taza Xpress offers a range of Mediterranean options such as Beef Kofta, Kebabs, Falafels, and even Alexandria sausages.

Koozina Mediterranean Cuisine

65 Ontario St S, Milton, ON L9T 2M3

Koozina is a Mediterranean restaurant that serves up a variety of options such as Gyros, Chicken Souvlaki, and their spicy Pepperfire Chicken. Despite not being their primary focus, Koozina’s shawarma resonates with their customers for its flavourful taste. Their special blend of spices yields distinctly delicious shawarma. However, their meals will set you back slightly more than the other places listed here.

Pita Nutso

6901 Bronte St. S, Milton, ON L9T 2X6

Conveniently placed at the corner of Bronte and Derry, Pita Nutso has proudly served their shawarma for years in a typically busy location of Milton. With a special in-house blend of herbs and spices for their shawarma, Pita Nutso has created a menu that, as they claim, has something for everyone.

They offer classic Shawarma options such as chicken or beef on rice or fries. Of course, you can also get your shawarma wrapped in pita bread. But where they stand out is with their Shawarma on Ice. If you’re not a fan of fries, rice, or bread, you can get your shawarma on a fresh bed of salad. If you want to go all out, then I’d recommend The Works. For $15, you can have your choice of Chicken, Beef, or Lamb shawarma placed on a plate of seasoned Rice, Potato Wedges, Nutso Salad, and a Grilled Pita Bread to boot. 

Shawarma Royale

Although a newcomer to the Shawarma game (especially with their Milton location), Shawarma Royale packs a delicious punch with their offerings. If you’re looking for something quick, the King or Queen Chicken wrap is the way to go. The King wrap gives you Chicken shawarma wrapped in Markook and pita bread. On the other hand, the Queen wrap simply omits the Markook bread and uses Pita bread only. In case you were wondering, Markook is also known as Saj bread.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, you should check out the King or Queen Chicken Meal. In addition to a chicken shawarma wrap, you get a side of fries, turnips, and pickles. All of this is, of course, served with garlic sauce and sweet and savoury pomegranate molasses. If you’re looking for a mighty feast, any one of the Royale Family Platters, starting at less than $40, is your best bet. Platters come with 4 King Wraps served alongside fries, coleslaw, sauces, pickles, and turnips.

Pita Lite

3025 James Snow Pkwy N, Milton, ON L9T 2X7

Pita Lite offers everything that a Shawarma lover could want. Whether you’re a fan of Chicken, Beef, or Lamb, Pita Lite has it all. You can go for something simple like a Shawarma wrap for $8 or level up to a Super 12″ Laffa Wrap for $10. Alternatively, you can choose to have your shawarma on a plate of rice, fries, or salad. The only thing missing from these delicious shawarma plates are slightly bigger portion sizes.

Alongside their shawarma offerings, Pita Lite serves up all kinds of Mediterranean dishes, from Souvlaki plates and wraps to Savory Beef Kabobs. No matter what you choose, be sure to get a variety of their mouth-watering sauces, including the Pita Lite special sauce.

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